Our ROTA FLOW METER, area flow meter, is highly used with energy saving and rationalization of an enterprise. Our flow meter is measuring equipment that can measure various types of liquid and gas, relatively tiny flow to large flow, with accuracy and rapidly. Our product is used by every area of industrials like chemistry, food, medicine manufacture, burning appliance, medical instrument, butane fuel and oil industrials, and achieve the great effect. We are specializes in area flow meter and gain the trust as our technology and after-purchase service.

Feature of product


Enter the float in tapered vessel that is fixed at rights. Flow fluid from the lower side, the flow is squeezed at the position of float and pressure difference occurs at this back and forth. This pressure difference is called differential pressure. The float rest at the position where equilibrate between downward pressures with weight of float and upward pressures with differential pressure. Detect that float position and measure instantaneous flow.


  • This structure is relatively simple and it’s easy to fix and wash it too. It can control flow volume with needle valve operation
  • Our tapered vessel has sophisticated tapered degree on this inner and it’s covered with clear glass, so you can check flow change easily.
  • The material of each part is produced with the most suitable one for properties of the fluid, and our flow meter are matched to the usage and can be simply installed.


Handling of product

  • On the occasion of installation, Please choose the point where the vibration is a little, and set it up vertically
  • In the main body install and after it sets it up, please note that crack might be caused when the power of the twist and the bend hangs in the main body.
  • Please do not rapidly open the valve, and throw gradually when you throw the fluid into the flow meter and start the measurement after the float stabilizes.
  • When you stop driving in the place with the fear of freezing, please consider it to exhaust the liquid in the taper that prevent the taper tube being damaged by freezing the liquid
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