Flange type  [RHT/RHS/RPF]

This type is a standard type used generally and widely in throwing the flow direction from a bottom into the top.
A flange becomes structure to fit in top and bottom, and if you fit it perpendicularly
at the field, you can read direct a value at moment in the spot.

Screw type  [RS/RST/RHSK/RHST]

This type is simple to dismantle, and it is possible for cleaning easily because
the taper tube complete set is put in to a main body and an acrylic cover.

Panel type  [RPT/RPS/RP/RPV/RPVΠ]

This type is a simple design for the panel installation. And it’s possible to plough
in and I put it outside and so produce it according to your demand.

Stand type  [RL]

This type is widely used for the experiment research. Because the stand has placed
to the main body, it is possible to move freely.

Sanitary type  [RHTS]

As for this type, the cleaning after disassembling installation detaching can
be easily done by a simple structure and a large effect is widely taken to the
measurements such as food, beverages, and the medicines. The joint is IDF standard
Helul type and a screw type.

Teflon type  [RHS-TF/RHTN-STF]

It is a flow meter made of teflon the best for various drug solutions and the
causticity gases, etc.

Supply quickly products  [RG-3/RG-3N]

It is a low price, and a product that exists in the user’s hope as a supply quickly

Quick delivery products  [RPNV(Pargemeter)

This type is a developed product in the concept as for a low price and a short
delivery date.


"Warning point of contact valve", adjacent switch, photoelectric switch,
and connected tube.

Metallic all flow meter  [RO-MPF/RO-MPS/RO-EMC/RO-EMV]

The inside and outside part is completely intercepted to this type by the metal.
So it is the best for the measurement of an opaque fluid and Fluid of high temperature
and high pressure.

Flow switch  [RRK/RRN/RFSM]

Sight glass  [RFS/RBS/RFF/RBF]

We provide you ‘flapper type’ and ‘ball type’ that can observe state that fluid

Special specification

I will produce the design according to customer’s needs.
Please feel free to consult when there are a special size and a specification,